About Us

Since 1996, Inspire Benefits has exclusively marketed the industry’s best supplemental protection. A desire to protect life, livelihoods, and lifestyles is the foundation of who we are. Our goal is to provide supplemental insurance that provides the coverage you need at a price that fits within your budget.

Today, individuals, families, and business owners are at risk for catastrophic out-of-pocket expenses that occur when a person is affected by serious illness or injuries.

Inspire Benefits: Protecting life. Livelihoods. And lifestyles.

Inspire Benefits' Three Commitments

  • Committed to helping our customers PROTECT their dreams
  • Committed to helping our agents REACH their dreams
  • Committed to helping our communities CREATE dreams

We’re called Inspire Benefits because our wish is to INSPIRE YOU to think beyond worry… and, instead, plan for the unexpected. 

We’re a group of concerned insurance professionals who have witnessed all too often the struggles people encounter when the unimaginable happens. Whether it’s cancer, a major accident, or any lengthy or complicated healthcare situation, one of the most painful parts of the battle is often the financial one.

In a crisis, people not only lose their health, they often lose assets that might have taken a lifetime to build. To pay the bills, it could mean losing a business, home, savings account, retirement investments, and more.

Unfortunately, you can win the greater battle but still lose the dreams you built.