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A Message from the President

Our mission is to broker change in our people, customers, and communities.

Portrait Head Shot of Paul Leahy

Paul Leahey

President, Inspire Benefits

Having just left college, I wasn’t certain if sales or insurance was the direction I wanted to go. I was young but knew that I wanted to partner with a company that would help me reach my personal goals. So I began looking for companies who believed in providing opportunity and were willing to invest in training and encouraged ownership.

It is more important than ever to choose a company that displays growth, stability, and a willingness to invest in its most important resource, its people. It is for these reasons that I encourage anyone with goals and dreams to take a closer look at our award-winning company.

Inspire Benefits was founded to provide a professional career where personal goals could be accomplished. Inspire Benefits’ track record shows that individuals who work hard, challenge themselves to grow, and focus on the service of others, are individuals who will accomplish their dreams.
At Inspire Benefits, our mission is to broker change in our agents, customers, and communities. Consider joining us so that we can broaden our footprint protecting Americans across this great country.

Live Inspired,